Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Work is a scary place right now..

I'm not really sure where in the blogging world this post will come up, so I won't post too many details here on this matter.

I think the people I work with are a bit frazzled. The economic down turn has everyone affected and I think my co-workers are a bit too negative for my liking. I'm trying to stay upbeat and save money wherever I can, but it's such a downer to come into an environment where everyone believes the doom and gloom is here to stay.

I'm the first one that readies herself for the worst, but you have to try and keep a good attitude, no? Your reactions to life seep off of your personality like a syrup and stick to everything you do. If you have a negative outlook, then everyone will see it in you.

It just has to get better, right?

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