Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Long Time, No See...

Went to Michelle's house tonight. I hadn't seen her for about 2 months and it made me very happy to see her. We drank almost 2 bottles of wine and ordered really good sushi. Life is good.

Nicholas, her son, is so grown up. He's going to be 10, but he's still my little angel. Michy was saying that he's grown into the "don't kiss me, Mom" stage, which is about right for his age, but I didn't let him get away so easily...

I am considering posting some of my NC pictures on FB, but I know I have to Photoshop all the images because of their size, so I'm lazy right now. I'll probably post them by category (as opposed to chronologically). I always ponder how pictures should be posted (or really, put in albums) I dont always think chrono is best because if you went twice to the same place in one trip, it's Weird to see the skip, unless you specify the dates, and I'm just not that organized... I'll decide soon enough.

Nelson is playing WOW next to me and I'm freshly showered and settling in for the night. I said it before but I'll say it again.. Life is good.

Tomorrow, Gladis will be here to set our house to rights, I'll hopefully have a productive day at the office and we'll be meeting up with a few PSN-ers in the evening. Looking forward to another great day.

Good Night! Me

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