Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plans change and life moves on.. I'm dealing with it.

We were supposed to get together with some childhood/school friends tonight, but I never got a phone call of a FB invite, so I'm left wondering if he just forgot to include me, or if something happened that forced the evening not to go as planned.

Minor disappointment, so I choose to move on and believe that next time he is in town, or that I am in his neck of the woods, we can forge more concrete plans. No big.

On a sadder note, I deleted my Dad's Yahoo & AOL accounts today. I had been checking them every few weeks to keep them active in case any account notifications came that way. My Mom finally has all accounts switched into her name and even has her own email address, so I decided seven months was long enough for his email addresses to have remained in the Wide World Web. Still not happy about that Kinda-major change, but I must deal with it.

On a lighter note, I posted the pictures from our trip onto FB, and I have received a few positive comments. It really was a relaxing time for us. The way of life seems slower and more measured in that part of the country. People stop to smell the roses (or is it the forest?) more often.

If the ocean wasn't so damn far, we'd probably consider moving up there, but I fear Nelson would miss it too much. That man of mine may be part billy goat, and definitely part wolf, but he's all ocean-loving, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Now, if only we can decide on diving again sometime soon. The more time that passes, the more phobic I fear I will become. Just another little something I'll soon have to "deal" with.. I'm up to that challenge too.


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