Thursday, September 3, 2009

There are bad days and there are worse days

WOW. Today was a terrible day at work. Every customer that could have been messed up.. was messed up. I had Gina calling me to try to fix things and Adrian set up a never ending revolving door to my office with receiving issues. To top it all off, I have to meet Gina tonight with some merchandise so she can meet a vendor of ours in the morning to do us a favor and deliver a customers' goods prior to demo event.. I mean, a pretty serious cluster (bleep) if you ask me..

I downloaded my friend Joe's CD today (which, by the way, is FABULOUS!) and he wrote a song called "Better Place", which just slayed me. It's all about someone who died and is in a "better place".. We all know what kind of mood I have been in these past days, so you can imagine. I had heard the majority of the CD since he had a demo cassette which I owned about 12 years ago, but it was cool to see how his voice transitioned into this massive production. Some are just breathtaking and others are quite simple melodies, but all in all, an A-plus in my book.

So my day is not over. I'll head to Gina's tonight and maybe I'll have a bit of time to pack some stuff for NOLA. We leave Friday night and head back Monday afternoon. I am so looking forward to my trip with Nelson.. truth is, we travel so well together and always manage such a great time.

Enough for now..

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