Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend was great!

Hello blog world.

Our weekend in NOLA was so much fun. There's so much to remember and write about. We saw things we had seen before and others which we had never experienced. We went to the Aquarium on Saturday Morning as it poured and we rode on the St Charles Streetcar, ate at the Camellia Grill and I showed Nelson the Garden District on Saturday afternoon. The weather is very much like Miami (rain then sun) . Three Museums were the call of the day during the Sunday deluge, along with a portion of the Southern Decadence parade, when the sun made its presence known.

Of course, the usual haunts in the evening: Remoulaude's, Cat's Meow, Pat O's, Famous Door and The Dungeon. There was lots of drinking done and loads of people watching. It's always fun to be a spectator on the most uninhibited street in the world. You can be sure to experience a smorgasbord of sights any hour of the day.

Now back to the daily grind that is work. Gina and I will hold down the fort while Rob is out.
His daughter messed up her knee up in college and he flew out last night for her surgery which was scheduled today, but the surgeon messed up his own back, so no surgery for Ashley. They may bring her back home for a while to get things sorted out. Being up north away from the family AND hurt can't be a good thing. Really not a good situation for them. It seems like a never ending struggle for that family. My heart goes out to them for a quick recovery.

Back to work for me. Trying to get my brain wrapped around getting back to my rhythm.

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