Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sometimes you get what you want in life.

When I got home from work feeling a bit sick, I was determined to have a lazy weekend to recharge my body for the week to come. I have a minor surgery on Tuesday and I was determined to go through with it, flu or not! I cant put off the necessities in life.

Friday night, we watched movies and cuddled under the covers with no immediate plans to wake up the next morning. Saturday came and we stayed in, as promised. The only outing was to visit my Mom for 15 minutes and shop for groceries. After that, we cam back home and did what I had set in my mind to do... nothing. It felt great!

Sunday, was a little more complicated. The NFL complicates everything. Charlie, April, Mich and Nick came over and we did football stuff plus played Rock Band and drank some. Still veging and still at home, so I feel the mission was accomplished for the weekend.

Do I feel recharged? Never! But I'm a little more relaxed than the evils that was last week. Next goal: Lottery.. LOL


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