Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catching up with Real Life

Hello world.

I know it's been a while. Vacations, vacations, work work and Fall TV has begun... this is going to be a good "rest of the year"(I hope).

Nelson and I had a "magical" Disney getaway for our birthdays. 5 days-4 nights at Coronado Springs. A visit to all the parks, free entrance on our birthdays, a Universal-Islands diversion with Mich and Mike, which had its ups and downs (don't all roller coasters? LOL) and a great night at Howl at the Moon. Overall.. fabulous.

Pictures to be posted soon.

Nelson's grandfather spent a few days in the hospital, so a watchful ear and daily conversations kept us in the loop while we were away. Seems like the worst has passed for now. He's back at home today and resting through it. It's tough watching the old birds lose their flight power. I was telling him on the trip home that he and I have a few rough years ahead and that we really have to be there for each other and our families. I know that it's a part of life, but it never gets easier.

Back to work today. Had over 180 emails that needed my attention. Rob and Gina are out for the next 2 days so peace and catch up are the order of the days. Have much to do.

Last but not least... Fall TV is back! This week has most of the premieres and I think I am going to drive Nelson crazy with my TV choices. There are a few shows that we will both watch, but the DVR will have tons of my stuff and I hope that's OK. I just watched Eastwick and Cougartown and they've piqued my interest, but not a whole lot just yet... one more episode will tell the tale. Glee is a winner (which Nelson watches with me), of course, Heroes, Gray's Anatomy, Desp HW, Bro & Sis, CSI and the list goes on.. I've even taken CSI Miami back on for a bit. Eddie Cibrian is now on the show. I like him.

Oh well, just wanted to touch base for a bit. I'll try to be more consistent. I was good at the beginning of the month but the vacations and wandering thoughts took over. Bye for now.


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