Friday, September 11, 2009

Never forget 9/11

All over the news today, those words will be repeated 800 times: NEVER FORGET 9/11.
Well, it's been 8 years and I know 2 groups of people that will never forget:
The family members of the over 3000 people that died I'm positive will never forget. and
The caregivers and the heroes that ran towards the shit when it was collapsing are sure to never forget.

Sure, I'll never forget where I was or how it affected me, I was stuck in Boston. The city where the flights originated. I flew into Boston on September 10th for a mini vacation with Denise and on the morning of the 11th, well, does it need repeating? I spent the next 7 days wondering when we'd ever see home again. Then it occurred to me that 3000 people would never see home again. The magnitude of the situation humbled me instantly. It still humbles me today. The knowing that 3000 innocent lives were lost and that countless heroes were wounded trying to save the rest.

Just my thought for this morning...


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