Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is blogging and commenting on friends' posts a waste of time?

I'm am the eternal opinion giver. If you receive a comment from me, you have a choice what to do with it. You can put me on "ignore", or you can allow the post, or you can ask me not to post again, or you can acknowledge and encourage my post.

I'm a poster. I love giving people my feedback and I love when people give me their feedback.

If I like what is said, I'll keep it posted or I respond back with a quick thanks! If I don't like it, I leave it there for a while and ponder the opinion that has been offered and soon decide whether I will leave it posted or not.

Bottom line, I like the feedback. Both positive and negative. It lets me know someone is listening. It lets me know that someone took the time to read what I had to say. It doesn't mean they care, it doesn't mean that I'm well liked, it just means that for one split second, I was worth a few seconds of someone's life.

In the case of friends and significant others, I think this is even more crucial. Day to day interaction is a really good form of communication, but in the case of blogs or comments, which are written on a whim, I consider to be the most important for receiving feedback. It's almost to the point of counting on this person's opinion, which cant always be given on the phone. If I post a picture or piece of art that I have worked on and the person that's closest to me can't event find it in them to write something acknowledging my action or achievement, then in the public's eye (in some crazy way) even they (the people closest to her) didn't even care to write.

I'm babbling and I'm feeling hurt. I spent three hours updating and making pictures pretty online and all I got for it was a literal pat on the back. I guess in that way, we really just aren't the same. I was hoping for a few quirky "hey, remembers.. " or " I love that pose" etc etc etc.. nothing major, but just a little something for the rest of the facebook world to realize that the person closest to me acknowledges and appreciates what I had done.. something small, not something huge..

Just trying to get a little validation for my daily life, I guess. With the few failures I have been dealt, it seems petty that I should need this at my age, but everyone likes to hear "good job" or "I love it" or "that's gorgeous" or "I think you should (insert word)" sometimes in their life..

It's all about the feedback sometimes.. and the acknowledgment.

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  1. No, I don't think it's a waste of time. It lets you know they are still out there and so are you. Like with Facebook, it's really allowed me to keep in contact with family and friends. Some I post to them and they don't respond and others we can have a full conversation in our comments. Some accepted or sought out as friends because a very long time ago we had a moment and because of that moment it was extended. But I know that we are strangers now and if we met today might have nothing in common. It's more of a nostalgia factor than reconnecting.