Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mental floss - What a great name for a blog

Just found this new blog called Mental Floss. What a great name. It is one of the best POP culture blogs I have read in a really long time. They send out these newsletters that have a bunch of useless knowledge and are fun to read. You should check it out.

Life has been copacetic. Recovering nicely from the doctor thing. Work is plugging along although some people are having a rougher go of it than others. Sales are stagnant and something needs to boost us along.

I know I havent written in a while, but things have just been regular and I dont want to bore you with the mundane...

I started Weight Watchers Online. I'm 6 pounds down from my start weight, but I have a feeling I had a faulty start weight (after lunch or something), but hey, 6 lbs is something, right?

Lately I have been scheduling sushi girl "dates" with my friends so I can catch up on the goings on with the crew. Tuesdays and Thursdays ahve been pretty OK with that, since Nelson raids online with his group. Eventually, I'll go back to WOW. I just haven't been feeling it. Something will bring me around. Maybe the new expansion, maybe the old raids.. something.

Out for now.

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  1. if you are going to talk about a site you should really post a link to the site in question. Just a suggestion cause I am scared to type Mental floss into a Google search...LOL