Monday, January 4, 2010

Day Zero project list

I decided to start a Day Zero list. It's a project where you identify 101 goals to complete in 1001 days (2.75 years). You can learn more at

I have identified 65 goals with 36 more to go. I'm trying to post them here instead of on the actual site because I rather blog about keeping them (or deleting them).. so I will post them as soon as I figure out how to colorize them.. I'm going to try on this post, but it may just come out as one big blank.. we'll see..

Adventure Dive at least 4-6 times this year
Adventure Ride a horse along the beach
Adventure Ride a mechanical bull
Adventure Ride in a hot air balloon
Adventure Sing karaoke at a bar
Creative Create a photographic journal for one week
Creative Find an inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
Creative Mail a letter or card at least once a month
Creative Make a photo album for a loved one
Creative Write a poem for someone that means something
Creative Write a book-screenplay-story
Creative Catalog and Research my stored wines
Creative Start painting figurines again
Education Read a non-fiction book written by someone I disagree with
Education Learn the full use of Photoshop
Education Learn how to use my Dad's Camera Equipment
Education Learn to Design a website
Education Learn to Play Piano (again)
Education Learn to Ballroom Dance
Education Learn to Canoe/Kayak properly
Entertainment Host a board game night
Entertainment Host a Girls' Night In.. Mani-Pedi-Wine-Stories
Entertainment Host a Wine & Cheese event with actual variety of items
Entertainment Host Dinner & Movie night for friends
Entertainment Read Every Harry Potter book
Entertainment Read the original versions of fairy tales
Entertainment See a Rodeo or Bullfight
Entertainment Watch 10 movie "classics" I haven't seen before
Food Try to be a Vegetarian for 3 months
Food Make Bread from scratch
Food Help Nelson overcome 2 New foods this year
House Paint the living room
House Fix the Floors
House Change the Water Heater
House Buy a Wine Refrigerator
Inspiration Influence a person to make a day zero list
Self Help Save $25-50 weekly for extras
Self Help Live within my means
Self Help Eliminate non-fitting clothing from my wardrobe
Self Help Sell Things on Ebay for travel cash
Self Help Lose 50 pounds this year
Self Help Feel comfortable in a bathing suit
Self Help Buy a Gun and become licensed for a Concealed Weapon
Self Help Adopt or Buy an animal
Self Help Start an exercise regiment
Self Help Run a mile
Self Help Train for a bike run
Self Help Take Vitamins
Self Help Stay Healthy for 3 months
Travel Fly first class anywhere
Travel Build a snowman
Travel Go to 5 different museums
Travel Go to the top of the Empire State Building
Travel Visit Washington DC
Travel See the Northern Lights
Travel Treat my Mom to a vacation
Travel Use last minute deals to take a weekend/short vacation
Travel Visit 20 US Capitals
Travel Visit England
Travel Visit Italy
Travel Go to St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican, Rome
Travel Visit Normandy Beach/Paris, France
Travel Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Travel Go to Notre Dame

I think I can accomplish quite a few this first year, but I'm not going to try holding myself to very high expectations.. just realistic ones, so failure is not an option.

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