Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ah, my Day Zero list.. Finally, 101

I finished picking my items.. I finally finished. It's been difficult. I was segregating and of course, while most of them are travel.. I felt I had to do some that weren't all about me. I felt very selfish, so some had to be changed.. Here's the latest and greatest:

Adventure Dive at least 10 times 0/10
Adventure Ride a horse along the beach
Adventure Ride a mechanical bull
Adventure Ride in a hot air balloon
Adventure Sing karaoke at a bar
Adventure Swim with dolphins
Adventure Parasail
Adventure Learn to ride (drive) a motorcycle
Adventure Catch a lobster in the ocean
Adventure Watch a space shuttle launch - close to Kennedy Space
Creative Create a photographic journal for 7 days 0/7
Creative Find an inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
Creative Mail a letter or card at least once a month 0/30
Creative Make a photo album for a loved one
Creative Write a poem for someone that means something
Creative Write a book-screenplay-story
Creative Catalog and Research my stored wines
Creative Start painting figurines again
Creative Start and Finish a Scrapbook
Creative Sell Things on Ebay for travel cash
Creative Bake Cookies and put them in pretty containers to give to friends
Education Read a non-fiction book written by someone I disagree with
Education Learn the full use of Photoshop
Education Learn how to use my Dad's Camera Equipment
Education Learn to Design a website
Education Learn to Play Piano (again)
Education Learn to Ballroom Dance
Education Learn to Canoe/Kayak properly
Education Take a Cooking Course
Education Take a Wine Tasting Course
Education Renew my First Responder Certification
Entertainment Host a board game night
Entertainment Host a Girls' Night In.. Mani-Pedi-Wine-Stories
Entertainment Host a Wine & Cheese event with actual variety of items
Entertainment Host Dinner & Movie night for friends
Entertainment Read Every Harry Potter book
Entertainment Read the original versions of fairy tales
Entertainment See a Rodeo or Bullfight
Entertainment Watch 10 movie "classics" I haven't seen before
Entertainment See a Cirque De Soleil Show
Entertainment Hit a bucket of balls on a Driving Range
Entertainment Organize & throw a surprise party for someone
Food Try to be a Vegetarian for 3 months 0/3
Food Make Bread from scratch
Food Make a Cake from Scratch
Food Help Nelson overcome 2 New foods
For Myself Save $50 weekly for extras
For Myself Live within my means
For Myself Eliminate non-fitting clothing from my wardrobe
For Myself Lose 75 pounds
For Myself Feel comfortable in a bathing suit
For Myself Buy a Gun and become licensed for a Concealed Weapon
For Myself Start an exercise regiment
For Myself Run a mile
For Myself Train for a bike run
For Myself Take Vitamins
For Myself Stay Healthy for 60 days 0/60
For Myself Treat myself to a Spa Day
For Myself Have a mother/daughter day just because
For Myself Take a Spinning Class
For Myself Have studio photographs taken
Giving Back Adopt an animal
Giving Back Donate Money to 5 charities 0/5
Giving Back Send a care package to a soldier
Giving Back Donate $2 for every goal not completed and $1 for completed ones
Giving Back Plant a tree
House Paint the living room
House Fix the Floors
House Change the Water Heater
House Buy a Wine Refrigerator
House Deep Clean all closets and get rid of stuff
Inspiration Influence a person to make a day zero/bucket list
Inspiration Read the Bible from cover to cover
Travel AK See the Northern Lights
Travel CA Go to Disneyland
Travel DC Go to Washington DC (again)
Travel DC Go to World War II Memorial
Travel DC Go to Lincoln Memorial
Travel DC See the National Archives
Travel Dive Go on a Dive Vacation
Travel ENG Go to England (again)
Travel ENG See a Shakespeare play in a London Theatre
Travel FRA Go to France
Travel FRA Go to Normandy Beach
Travel FRA Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Travel FRA Go to Notre Dame
Travel FRA Go to the Louvre
Travel FRA Go to Euro Disney
Travel General Fly first class anywhere
Travel General Build a snowman
Travel General Go to 5 different museums
Travel General Treat my Mom to a vacation
Travel General Use last minute deals to take a weekend/short vacation
Travel General Go to 20 US Capitals 0/20
Travel General Go on a Cruise
Travel ITAL Go to Italy
Travel ITAL Go on a Gondola ride in Venice
Travel ITAL Go to St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican, Rome
Travel ITAL Go to the Colisseum, Rome
Travel NY Go to the top of the Empire State Building

Not really sure how often I'll check things off, but I plan to start right away. We booked a trip to Washington DC where I plan to take care of a few, then, in March, taking Mom on a vacation. Check! I inspired Alex to start a dayzero list, so that is another one, check.

Excited now.. ready to start affecting change..


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