Friday, August 21, 2009

To Camera or not to Camera.. that is the dilemma

I'm pondering whether I should take my Dad's Canon SLR to the mountains. It's an uber set up but it's a matter of deciding whether we will be adventuring or photographing. My camera is pretty good for what we want to photograph. It's just a quandry I will have figured out by morning.

Yes, you heard right, morning. We are now leaving Saturday instead of tonight. Our friends have an awesome opportunity to bid on a house and we wanted to give them the opportunity to do so. What kind of friends would we be if we said, "no way, forget it.." We'd be horrible friends.. which we are not. So, instead, we stave off the slight disappointment and live to road trip tomorrow.

Now, to try and get some sleep. I slept a few hours (in anticipation of the night time road trip) and now I'm not tired.. I'll figure it out.. Good Night!


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