Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving.. Ah, to give thanks...

How thankful am I this Thanksgiving? Not so much. My Dad passed away this year, work is not doing well and Christmas is shaping up to be equally as sad. I have had pockets of stuff go right, but all in all, I'm just coping with the every day.

Sure, I put on the brave face ad I can party with the best of people, but my heart has an empty hole in it and I'm not quite sure that I can recover from the loss of my Dad anytime soon. This Thanksgiving dinner will be difficult, but Christmas Eve dinner will be the true test. I'm just not sure how much I can hold back my emotions.

Nelson has been absolutely wonderful through my trials. That part of my life is going extremely well. I mean, sure, we have our things.. Life can't be perfect, right?

I will write more soon. Me

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