Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Keeping a Blog is not as easy as it sounds.

OK. I just realized it's been 7 days since I wrote anything here. I guess it's like keeping a daily diary. There are bound to be blank pages, unless you write everything you do, which I won't. Ok, so, an update on stuff. Last weekend was wicked. We went to Nelson's sister's house for an awesome Halloween Party. The Jason after party was even more fun and a great laugh. We got home to a football game that doesn't even deserve an adjective. I mean, parts were awesome, and parts were downright embarrassing.

Update on work: Things suck here. The company is falling apart from the inside. Rob is out for three days and no one is doing anything. All I hear to my left is complaining, Gina is frustrated and Pedro puffs out his little chest like a rooster watching over his little hen house. It's disgusting, really. I really hit a brick wall at about 4:30 when my day is almost done. The last half hour drips by like molasses. I just want to shoot myself. Oh, and let's not forget... Robin quit just making it a peach of a week so far.

Hopefully things can get better. I really hope so.

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