Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Observances Night #1

Hello Blogging World.

This is really more for me than anyone else. I want one thing that I do every day just for me. I used to journal, I used to own a diary. I've started countless numbers of idea books. All of them end the same.. abandoned. I know many people start off like this and in a month I'll probably have written three times, but I hope not.

For the present, I probably will abandon this blog for a while because I leave for NC in the morning, but I promise to write a nice long story upon my return Sunday, August 30th. Should be quite an adventure.

Nelson and I are going with Jimmy and Kris to our mountain home in Crumpler, NC. Jimmy's never seen mountains, so it's bound to be an adventure. Nelson does a little air guitar "deliverance" jig every time he mentions white water rafting or hiking, so I think he believes we aren't ready for this adventure. We'll see.


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